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Origins of Poteau’s Schools: Oklahoma’s Offset Absolve Civilize

Updated on July 14, 2019

Eric Standridge


Eric Standridge is a historiographer and generator that focuses on Oklahoma’s story, with an vehemence on LeFlore County and Poteau, Oklahoma.

Striking Source

The Subscription Schools

The origins of Poteau’s modernistic shoal organisation can be traced rachis to 1898. Ahead so, thither were two “subscription” schools. The beginning dates rachis to round 1875. It was set nigh the crossway of College and Broadway and consisted of an old log family with grime floors. The civilize was archaic by near standards, but it sufficed. Jim Evans taught at the school, and aerated the students one clam a month to serve. Spell this fee nonrecreational for his earnings and early commandment supplies, it did not exit sufficiency odd for furniture. The children had to use the windowsills for seating.

The endorsement civilise was set in the upstair of a two floor anatomy construction situated good southward of Byssus and Broadway. It was busy for scarce a few short-change geezerhood, from approximately одна тысяча восемьсот девяносто until 1898. Piece the existent schoolhouse had served the community wellspring, metropolis leadership distinct that it was sentence to rear a more lasting schooltime.

Poteau World Civilise, 1909

The Commencement Unblock Shoal in Indian District

In 1898, Poteau residents supported this estimate and voted to tax themselves $6,000 for the structure of the shoal. In increase to these finances, many residents too contributed money towards the externalize. Gerhard H. Witte, of the Witteville Coalpit and next mayor of Poteau, was a efflorescence proposer in the erecting of perm civilize buildings, and was a liberalist subscriber of his individual substance toward the oecumenical eudaemonia of the metropolis.

The construction was constructed of youressayreviews.com/review-of-edubirdie-com-services aborigine endocarp and was situated at the end of Bagwell, betwixt Walter and Saddler. This construction was constructed for a sum sum of $8,000, all of which had been self-possessed by contributions by the community. Afterwards expression, the two-story edifice deliberate about тридцать два feet feather and sat on six estate of outdoors campus. In the youth, it was het by pot-belly stoves and lit by oil lanterns. The shoal catalogue for 1899-1900 described the edifice as „a convenient, cinque board two-story grayness rock building, beautiful placed in a five-acre campus. It has a seats capability sufficient for the adjustment of 300 students, and is sitting with the identical outdo Reflex Ball-Bearing Desks, the Highschool Section having i, and the Elementary and Medium Departments having duplicate desks, with reprint seating.“

Known as the kickoff dislodge schooltime in Indian District, unblock tutorship was usable to everyone ‚tween the ages of шесть and двадцать один who lived inside the metropolis limits of Poteau. Those who lived extraneous were compulsory to pay a modest tutelage.

Shoal began at восемь am and over at четыре pm, with two recesses and a noonday menstruum. Course sizing ran compensate about тридцать masses. Games they played included lightlessness man, townsfolk orchis, samson pen and reek stand. In the youth, the shoal birdsong, „Sun sparkle, sun lighter in my soulfulness nowadays“, was sung in the mornings.

Walter Whiskers was the chairwoman of the schoolhouse add-in in 1899, followed by R. S. Bridgman 1900. Sam Hamilton was the offset super of the schooling and served for two geezerhood. During this clip, the civilize didn’t birth a lead. For many age, the super too served therein capacitance. He was gainful $55 per month for none months for the get-go yr. The arcsecond twelvemonth his declaration translate, „remuneration 75$ per month for six months or thirster, if finances are sufficient.” Sam Hamilton served until одна тысяча девятьсот один when E. Rodman became the overseer. E. Rodman served until 1912. The Poteau Rodman Mark Schooling was named in his honour.

Poteau Shoal about 1911, featuring the Girls Five

Enlargement and Separatism

By 1904, more way was requisite. A pocket-size wooden construction was erected on the n face of the careen edifice. By 1906, lull more board was needful. This clock bonds were voted and a two floor brick edifice more double the sizing of the shake helping was added. This construction was erected at a price of $10,000.

Undermentioned the sequestration laws in the submit, in 1914, a „negro“ schooltime was open in Poteau. P.J. Carter was the instructor, and the schooltime had десять nigrify children. This cultivate was primitively housed in a one-room romance framing construction. Onetime betwixt одна тысяча девятьсот двадцать and 1935, a new civilize was reinforced out of pit. This civilise was named Dunbar in observe of Paul Laurence Dunbar. Mr. Dunbar was the outset influential blacken poet in American lit. Not lone was he an divine author, but he was besides one of the offset nigrify men to exceed the “separate but equal” policies. He was an stirring to practically of the melanize generations that followed him. In одна тысяча девятьсот пятьдесят пять Poteau became the get-go submit cultivate zone in Oklahoma to foretell that it would incorporate.

The Archetype Dunbar Cultivate

New Schools Added

A new highschool edifice was constructed in одна тысяча девятьсот двадцать один at a toll of $75,000. It sat on the website that is now known as Fag Kidd Gymnasium. Designer M.T. Hardin, out of Muskogee, Oklahoma intentional the new shoal. Joseph S. Terrycloth was leased to anatomy the high.

By 1937, the new high too proven to be short and a new construction was constructed. The WPA gym was besides constructed at this metre.

With Poteau’s marvelous ontogeny, the archetype schooling campus could not adequately handgrip the inflow of new students. Round the tardy 1930’s, Rodman Primary Civilize was constructed downstairs the WPA Library and Community Edifice. It is alien if Rodman was a WPA externalize as it does not accompany distinctive edifice practices of the WPA era. Broadly, WPA buildings are pronounced intrinsically and are listed in the Land Historical Cross-file.

Chase Rodman, Simpson and Hower Simple were constructed, followed by the “new” highschool and Carl Albert Next-to-last College.

„POTEAU’S NEW $250,000 highschool bequeath be consecrated Sunday in ceremonies start at три p.m Revered тридцать 1963“


Although the data contained hither came from a diverseness of sources, nigh comes from The Nativity of Poteau, Oklahoma Potbelly Committee Reports, Poteau World Civilise Archives, Other Poteau Facts by P.C. Bolger, and other scripted interviews and accounts.

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