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Kazakhstan is working on amendments to the legislation governing the opposition to legalization and / or money laundering and financing of terrorism. Innovations affect and gambling operators in the country.

 Upon innovations mean that individual entrepreneurs (SP) will https://getcasinoslots.com/free-online-slots/flying-horse-online-slot/ be checked for links to terrorism or extremism. Olga Perepechina legislator explains that if the SP will be caught in this kind of communication, and is listed in the relevant registers, its activities without delay will be terminated.

 It is also planned revision of the size of the threshold amounts to be checked for violations.

 Also notes that gambling operators relating to the payment of winnings at the betting shop, lottery or a segment of land-based casinos are not allowed to pay prizes in foreign currency. In addition, the fixing of threshold amounts for financial monitoring is proposed to abolish.

 It was also proposed to toughen the way of measures to freeze the assets of the family members of offenders. The strictness of the law also extended to minors-offenders and freezing their assets trustees.

 By the way, the interest of Kazakhstan to gambling is gradually reduced, more on this – here.

 The bill with corrections was re-submitted to Parliament.

 Recall that in the country have become less interested in research in the gambling industry, more about that – then.

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